Friday, August 27, 2010

Welcome to this new space!

I love food. I love to eat it, cook it, write about it, and even take pictures of it. A friend recently suggested that I should start a blog dedicated entirely to food, so here goes.

As with food, some things are better when they are shared, so I invite my friends to contribute to this venture by sending me their food stories, recipes and photos. Credit will always be given where it is due.

Bon appetit!

P.S. Here's a sneak preview - these are pizzas I made last night. I picked up some Naan at one of my favorite independent grocers and used odds and ends from the fridge to make a dinner that everyone in my house would enjoy. The pesto pizza was my six year old's favorite!

Before they went in the oven.

Pesto, mozzarella and black olives on the left. Margarita pizza on the right.

Barbecued chicken with Monterey Jack, onions and red pepers

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